Our Services

Business Planning & Implementation

Our services in relation to business planning and implementation aim to support organisations to grow and develop.  We can help in planning and implementation of strategies and policies.

We have provided these services to the following clients.

Adler Housing

  • Development of business plan and project appraisal of development at Elysium Lane, Gateshead

Allendale Community Housing

  • Preparation of Business Plan

BoKlok AB

  • Establishing business case for operations in the UK
  • Developing product range
  • Selection of supply chain partners

BoKlok Housing AB

  • Production of detailed business case

Brent Homeless User Group

  • Community Land Trust Scoping Day

Community Land Trust Fund

  • Development of project appraisal tool, guidance and training to users

Curo Group

  • Development and Asset Management Strategy - with Campbell Tickell

First Wessex Housing Group

  • Review of development systems and reporting

Habinteg Housing Association

  • Marketing advice and strategy

Home Group

  • Development of an integrated approach to annual strategy review and business planning
  • Development of a new approach to risk management, including risk assessment and aggregation
  • Project management of mergers and stock transfers
  • Project management of major organisational change projects
  • Project management of development of a new approach to continuous improvement and implementation of EFQM methodology
  • Procurement improvement project, initially for construction procurement, leading ultimately to Group Procurement Strategy and formation of Group Procurement Team

Homebaked Community Land Trust

  • Development of Business Plan

Jordan Engineering

  • Development support in redevelopment of premises for housing use

Lewes Community Land Trust

  • North Street Quarter:  development of cultural industries hub


  • Feasibility study for establishment of community land trust

Midland Heart

  • Strategic support to new business development
  • Review of development appraisals and procurement system

Natural Ability

  • Feasibility study for housing, care and support project

North Shropshire Community Asset Trust

  • Site appraisals and selection of development partners - with Campbell Tickell

Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration (SOAR)

  • Preparation of Business Plan for community land trust

Tuntum Housing Association

  • Portfolio acquisition - with Campbell Tickell

Vallum Group

  • Feasibility study for development proposals of mixed use development